Statistics show that the role of fatherhood has changed. Fathers are more much more active and involved than before yet are still underserved by media and organizations and grossly underrepresented in court.  We hope DaddyDaughterTime can in some small way alleviate that issue by providing a way for fathers to find information, tips, and events all while networking with other dads.

Since founding DDT, we have discovered hundreds of Dads that are on the same path of intentional parenting. Some have full time jobs and happy wives. Some have hellish court battles and custody fights in front of them. Some are step-dads surrounded by a blended all-girl family. No matter the situation, we all have the same passion.

We want to play a vital role in the lives of our daughters.

We aren’t our fathers’ father. We want more than to just play the “policeman with a paycheck” role in the home. We face many of the same struggles balancing family and work and want to play an equally active part in nurturing our children, especially in the father/daughter relationship.

My name is Todd and I started this website/blog to give fathers a resource of information on how they can spend more time to strengthen a deeper relationship with their daughters. Along with offering blogs containing some great “dadvice,” we regularly host free or heavily discounted events that are designed for Dads and daughters. Our goal is to help Dads spend more time with their daughters while also helping them overcome the stigma of ‘girl talk’ so they can network and help each other parent with purpose.

This website is not limited to single fathers, fathers with young daughters, etc.  It is only limited in the fact that the events are designed for fathers and daughters.  You’ll find information on the site from toddler to teenager, split family or whole.From the silly to the serious, you can find the episodes of our journey together on this website.

While the definition of what a father is and should be is still evolving, I’ll keep doing what I love to do, which is spending time with my daughter and helping other dads do the same with theirs. If you know a dad with a daughter (or a daughter with a dad), please let him know about us. It’s never too late and there’s always room for more.


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